The Toronto Well Watered Garden

(TWWG) is a demonstration garden nestled in the corner of Zawadi Farm. The mission of the WWG is to multiply small-scale organic vegetable growers in the city by providing simple, reproducible training that can be immediately implemented and easily passed on to others.

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How it works

Ways you can connect with us

Saturday Drop-Ins

Come by Saturday mornings from 9:30-noon throughout the summer and get your hands dirty! Help us plant, weed, water, harvest, whatever needs to be done. The harvest is for sharing so you might just get some free veggies out of it!!!

Thursday Wellness Group

Working in the garden lends itself to a myriad of analogies around cultivating a healthy body, mind and soul. Led by a professionally trained health care professional. 
Email us if you would like to join this group.


Participants learn simple methods for conservation agriculture.  
Grow vegetables in backyards and balcony spaces.
Planning, preparing, planting, maintaining and harvesting
Soil Health
Compost and Fertilizers

Contact The McMurrays for individual and group rates

1-2 hour, half day or multi day workshops are available

Connect the tools you already use

We want to train growers who train other growers, who train other growers… you get the picture!