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About The Summer Shares

The Harambee Collective is proud to introduce our enhanced Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) summer shares, designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our community. With a commitment to sustainability, cultural diversity, and supporting local, small-scale farms, our CSA shares offer a tangible way to enjoy nutritious, locally grown produce while making a significant impact.

How to Subscribe Summer Shares
Choose the share size that best fits your needs and decide on your preferred delivery frequency. Subscribing is easy and can be done directly through our website. By joining The Harambee Collective's CSA program, you’re not just feeding your family; you’re nurturing your community and the planet.Embrace a season of freshness, flavor, and community impact with The Harambee Collective’s CSA shares. Subscribe today and be part of a movement towards a more sustainable, equitable, and delicious future.

Here’s a closer look at our two CSA share options:

Harambee Collective
Regular Share

Ideal For: 2-3 individuals.

Contents: A curated selection of 7-9 items per delivery, featuring a variety of seasonal organic vegetables. Our Regular Share is perfect for small families or couples, offering a balanced assortment of produce to cover your weekly vegetable needs.

Frequency Options: Available for weekly or every other week delivery, providing flexibility to accommodate your lifestyle and consumption rate.

Seasonal famr shares

Harambee Collective
Large Share

Ideal For: 4-5 individuals

Contents: A bountiful selection of 8-11 items per delivery, including a wide range of seasonal organic vegetables. The Large Share is tailored for larger families or enthusiastic cooks looking to explore more with their culinary creations, offering both staple vegetables and unique, culturally significant varieties.

Frequency Options: Also available for weekly or every other week delivery, ensuring that even the busiest families have access to fresh, nutritious produce throughout the season.

harambee collective Large Shares

Bulk Orders

Ideal For: Restaurants, Food Banks, Charity Donations

Food Access: Our Subsidized CSA Farm Shares ensure everyone in our community can access healthy, fresh, and sustainably grown produce. Recognizing the financial barriers that can limit access to quality food, we offer these shares at a subsidized cost, making them more affordable for low-income households.

Community Support and Inclusivity
The subsized program is partly funded by our standard CSA subscriptions and donations from community members who wish to support food accessibility. We also collaborate with local organizations and charities to identify families and individuals who would benefit most from the program.

Benefits to Food Hub Community Members
Enjoy seasonal, fresh produce at a fraction of the retail cost.Experience a diverse range of farm-fresh foods, encouraging healthy eating habits.Become part of a community initiative that supports local agriculture and sustainability.

Frequency Options: Also available for weekly or every other week delivery,

*Tax Receipts Available After Bulk Purchased for Donations

Bulk Shares

Chef Harvest List Newsletter

Ideal For: Culinary Professionals, Local Chefs and Kitchens

Welcome to our exclusive chefs' newsletter!

Curated with culinary professionals in mind, this newsletter offers you a first look at our weekly harvest list directly from the Harambee Collective, including Zawadi Farm, Ubuntu Collective, and Sarn Farms.

By subscribing, you'll gain access to an exclusive selection of seasonal, organic vegetables perfect for enhancing your menus with fresh, local ingredients. Each week, we curate a list of available produce, allowing you to plan and order with ease.

This initiative not only supports local agriculture but also enables you to showcase the finest, freshest ingredients in your culinary creations. Join us in celebrating the bounty of our land and elevating the dining experience with produce that tells a story of community, sustainability, and flavor.

Frequency Options: Also available for weekly or every other week delivery,

End of Season harvest
Farm Feature

Ubuntu Community Farm

Ubuntu Community Farm is an extension of the Ubuntu Community Collective, focused on serving women and children of the African diaspora. We curate creative and healing spaces that support well-being, restore balance and expand our awareness.

Ubuntu Community Farm is a market garden and community medicinal garden in Toronto. We sell ecologically grown produce at our farm and to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members. We provide opportunities to reconnect with the land and learn about our plant relatives. We believe in hiring our youth, exposing them to career opportunities, and paying them a fair, living wage.
Ubuntu Collective
Farm Feature

Sarn Farms

Sarn Farms is a local food production business based in downsview park. The business was founded by Arnest Sebbumba in 2021 and it engages in production of both vegetables and fruits using practices that are ecologically friendly and sustainable. SARN farms mission is to make healthy food accessible  through organic production and delivery while promoting soil health.

The business is black owned and produces food that takes into consideration the multicultural diversity of Toronto, the city in which it operates.Here at SARN farms we aspire to facilitate local food access by producing and growing locally which boosts food security and builds resilient communities.
Sarn Farms

Our Mission

The Harambee Collective emerges as a pioneering collaboration among Zawadi Farm, Ubuntu Community Farm, and Sarn Farms. Our mission is to champion sustainable agriculture, empower communities through food sovereignty, and foster a deep connection between people and their food. The name "Harambee," meaning "all pull together" in Swahili, perfectly encapsulates our collective spirit and approach towards creating a resilient, sustainable food system.

What We Offer

At the heart of our initiative are our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares, designed not just as a source of fresh produce, but as a commitment to a more sustainable, equitable, and locally-driven food economy. Through our collective efforts, we're able to provide a wide array of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, cultivated with care for the earth and our communities.

Why Choose Harambee Collective?

Sustainability: Our practices are rooted in ecological stewardship, aiming to enhance soil health, biodiversity, and sustainability.

Community Impact: Supporting the Harambee Collective means directly contributing to the local economy and ensuring broader access to nutritious, fresh food.

Quality and Diversity: We pride ourselves on the exceptional variety and quality of our produce, reflecting our collective passion for and dedication to the art of farming.

Join Us

Embrace the Harambee spirit and join a growing movement towards a sustainable, equitable food system. Here’s how you can become a part of our journey:

CSA Shares
Subscribe to Our CSA: By choosing our CSA shares, you get to enjoy the freshest seasonal produce while supporting local farming and sustainable practices.

Support Our Mission
Community Engagement: Engage with us through farm events, educational workshops, and volunteer opportunities to deepen your understanding of sustainable farming and contribute to our mission.

Spread the Word: Amplify our impact by sharing your journey with the Harambee Collective with your network, and connect with us on social media to stay updated on our initiatives.

Call to Action
Are you ready to contribute to a more sustainable, just, and local food system? Sign up for your CSA share today and join the Harambee Collective. Discover the joy of supporting local farming, experiencing seasonal eating, and being part of a community that values healthy, sustainable, and accessible food for all.

Join us today and be part of a collective effort that champions sustainable agriculture, community empowerment, and local food sovereignty.

Together, We Grow

Zawadi Farm | Ubuntu Community Farm | Sarn Farms